In the staffing industry, the fastest company wins.  Newbury SI Group’s mission is to optimize the velocity of clients deploying Bullhorn’s ATS, CRM, Back Office and Onboarding platform. 

Your company’s velocity is a function of many variables.  Candidate intake,  automated match, client contract automation,  electronic onboarding,  supplier network, phone system integration and analysis,  self service time entry,  automated billing,  automated OT calculations,  payroll and finance integration and much more.

Newbury SI Group consultants will conduct an end to end review of your key process areas, develop a best practice scorecard and formulate strategies and plans for increasing your velocity.

Top 10 Questions Every Staffing Industry Client Needs to Answer

How quickly are VMS orders entered into the system?

What is your pro-active recruiting strategy?

How much time are recruiters spending on the phone?

How quickly do you submit qualified candidates?

What is your average fill rate?

What is your average time to fill?

What percent of orders are filled by overnight sourcing?

How long does it take to onboard an employee?

What is the average time from timesheet approval to billing?

What is the average cost per timesheet? Per per paycheck?  Per invoice?


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