Our implementation methodology allows for rapid, low cost implementation of Bullhorn’s ATS, CRM, Back Office, Onboarding and Business Intelligence Solutions.

Our methodology is based on very exact set up tasks that are organized by business process area.  We incorporate industry best practices at every step and insure that your team stays on track.  Our detailed testing program insures that your configured processes function as planned.  And our data conversion experts insure that your valuable legacy data is brought forward correctly.

Vertical specialization in the areas of healthcare, light industrial and professional services are also provided.

Benefit:  On-time, on-budget project.  Reduced time to value.

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Program Management

Part and full-time program managers to represent and manage all client interests independent from the Bullhorn implementation team.

We provide part and full time program  managers that are separate from the implementation team PM.  Your project typically entails more than a Bullhorn implementation.  Data cleansing, client resource task management, Payroll and Finance system upgrades and implementations, and third party vendor setup (VMS integration, Twillio, payroll and finance systems, Business Intelligence, etc.) must all be carefully managed.  Our Client PM interfaces directly with the client Executive team and will represent the client directly in communications with the Bullhorn implementation team, the client team and other third party vendors.

Benefit:  Reduced implementation time and cost, reduced risk, less wear and tear on client resources, enable client executives to focus on running the business.

Training and Education

Training programs tailored to your company configuration and process.

Newbury trainers will develop training programs tailored to your company’s Bullhorn configuration and process.  We will work with you to develop all content, provide instructor lead training as required and set up a repeatable process for new hire and on-going training.

Benefit:  Optimal user adoption.

Business Process Center of Excellence

Business transformation and system optimization services to maximize the capabilities of your Bullhorn system.

Bullhorn clients have invested in the best technology platform available in the staffing industry. Getting the most out of your investment requires a business transformation, in addition to the software implementation.

Newbury’s Best Practice Center of Excellence is staffed with seasoned Bullhorn experts – staffing industry business process professionals with expert knowledge on how to deploy Bullhorn, drive user adoption and yield results. Our methodology scores your adoption of best practices, measures your velocity and provides a framework for achieving best in class performance.

Benefit: Higher ROI on your Bullhorn deployment, competitive differentiation

Reporting Center of Excellence

Expert assistance with transactional and management report design and development to insure that you have the right information at the right time.

Bullhorn’s new Canvas reporting architecture enables staffing companies to make the most of its valuable data.  We will leverage a growing library of custom reports that enables you to leverage past efforts and further reduce reporting cost.

For client’s seeking a best in class reporting platform, Newbury will assist with building out cloud based business intelligence (i.e. InsightSquared, Tableau, Qlikview, Oracle OBI) solutions fully integrated with Bullhorn.  These solutions provides superior transactional and analytic reporting, multi-dimensional analysis and performance driven dashboards.

Benefit: Improved decision making, sales and recruiter and performance and operational control.

Back Office Benchmark Study

Back office benchmarking to measure cost, accuracy and speed.

Back office performance is measured in terms of cost, accuracy and speed. A high velocity firm measures and tracks back office metrics and sets targets for achieving best in class performance.

Newbury’s back office Benchmark study calculates your back office cost per timesheet, paycheck and invoice and provides a comparison to other comparable staffing companies. We also provide an analysis of billing accuracy and time required from timesheet to invoice.

The benchmark study identifies opportunities for improvement. Combine the back office benchmark with Newbury’s Best Practice Center of Excellence to maximize back office velocity.

Benefit: Improved back office efficiency and cost savings

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Configuration and System Support

Remote system support for configuration changes.

It can be challenging to maintain Bullhorn configuration expertise in-house.  Business requirements change over time as you grow, add new lines of service and strive to meet ever-changing client requirements.  With Newbury’s managed services program, clients can expect premium expertise and response time.  Newbury consultants will analyze, configure and test your system to satisfy these changes on an as needed or 100% outsourced basis.

Benefit: Fast response time to business change, rapid adoption of Bullhorn’s technology